What is the difference between Shorthand and Speedwriting?

shorthand uses symbols to create words; speedwriting is alphabetically based

Shorthand involves the learner using a series of symbols to create outlines for words.  For example, the Pitman's shorthand method uses the following symbols \ (p) \ (b) | (t) | (d) / (ch) / (j) to represent the letters in brackets.

These are then combined to make words.

Speedwriting uses our everyday alphabet with a standard method of abbreviation based on length of words.  For example to abbreviate short words you can miss out vowels:

f u cn rd ths u wl fnd s/wtg esy!

For longer words, Speedwriting uses letters to represent common beginnings and endings (prefixes and suffixes).  This gives the writer a disciplined approach to abbreviating words thereby building confidence and speed.


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