Finance for Project Managers


Finance for Project Managers examines where the costs within a project are generated and how they can be controlled and reported on from within the project.  It reviews the use of project budget and the monitoring of variance.  In addition to standard cost control the course covers the use of Earned Value Measurement and how this can be used both to guage the current situation and project the status at completion.

The course is interactive and includes opportunities for group discussion and exercises to reinforce the learning


Upon completion of this course, you will be equipped with knowledge and tools that enable you to:

  • Understand where project costs arise
  • The use of Variance monitoring and control
  • The understanding of Earned Value Management and how to use it for control and prediction

Session 1: Understanding the Project Plan

  • The construction of a project plan
  • Applying costs to Resources
  • Generating the project budget
  • Cost reports
  • Good organisational structure
  • Understanding what makes a successful project

Session 2: Monitoring the Project Plan

  • The importance of the Baseline
  • Tracking Gantt plans
  • Posting progress
  • Monitoring Variance
  • Monitoring Cost variance
  • Reporting on Costs
  • Reporting cost variance
  • Actions on cost variance

Session 3: Earned Value Management

  • What is it
  • How is it measured
  • The importance of the Status Date
  • Primary measurements (SPI, CPI etc.)
  • Projecting the project close out position
  • How to use it in a standard project

Session 4: Project Financial Control

  • What is required
  • Best practise
  • Understanding the complete project environment
  • The use of Financial tolerance as a control element
  • Planning for success


The course is aimed at delegates who are either working as project managers, working in a project team, or accounts personnel who provide financial support to the project.
  • This course will enhance your knowledge of project management and financial control
  • It will develop strategies for good financial control
  • It explains the importance and use of Earned Value Management
CBH have been delivering training into businesses for over seven years. All our Trainers come from industry so you are assured of their competence to deliver professional and practical knowledge throughout the course. All training is backed by our 90-day free support line, which can assist you when putting your learning into practice.


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