Finance for non-financial Managers


This one day training course will look at the tools and processes you need to build, present and work with your budget, understand a Profit and Loss Statement, Cash Flow and a Balance Sheet. The course will also explain where the financial figures come from to make up these reports and how to use financial measures for business control.

Each section of the course will provide an opportunity to explore the new subject area, followed by an exercise to reinforce learning.


Upon completion of this course, you will be equipped with knowledge and tools that enable you to:

  • Prepare, manage and understand budgeting
  • Be proficient at understanding and creating a profit and loss statement
  • Be proficient at interpreting and creating balance sheets

Session 1: Accounts Overview

  • What are statutory Reports
  • Accounting Conventions
  • The Financial Period
  • What are the Statutory Reports
  • Profit vs Cash

Session 2: Preparing & Managing a Budget

  • Getting the Right Format
  • Doing the Groundwork
  • Controlling Costs
  • Monitoring Expenditure
  • Taking Corrective Action
  • The wider use of the Budget
  • Stressing the Budget

Session 3: Understanding the Cash Flow

  • Where the detail comes from
  • Constructing a Cash Flow
  • Projecting the Cash Flow
  • Understanding the Cash Balance

Session 4: Profit and Loss

  • Profit in Perspective
  • Costs and Revenues
  • The Trading Statement
  • The Profit and Loss Account
  • The key indicators

Session 5: The Balance Sheet

  • The Financial Equation
  • The Ever-Changing Balance
  • Presenting a Balance Sheet
  • Interpreting a Balance Sheet
  • The key measures

Session 6: How the Reports Link

  • How the information is generated
  • How the reports relate
  • The main measures
  • Financial control
  • Managing the business from the figures
  • Why businesses fail
This course has been designed for all managers senior staff involved with developing budgets and who need to understand the financial data used within an organisation and its use for decision making.
  • Good financial management is key for all businesses. This course will enhance your knowledge so that you feel confident understanding the figures behind the reports.
  • Understand the Budget creation and use
  • Understand key financial measures and where they come from.
CBH have been delivering training into businesses for over seven years. All our Trainers come from industry so you are assured of their competence to deliver professional and practical knowledge throughout the course. All training is backed by our 90-day free support line, which can assist you when putting your learning into practice.


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