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What is the difference between Shorthand and Speedwriting?

shorthand uses symbols to create words; speedwriting is alphabetically based

Shorthand involves the learner using a series of symbols to create outlines for words.  For example, the Pitman's shorthand method uses the following symbols \ (p) \ (b) | (t) | (d) / (ch) / (j) to represent the letters in brackets.

These are then combined to make words.

Speedwriting uses our everyday alphabet with a standard method of abbreviation based on length of words.  For example to abbreviate short words you can miss out vowels:

f u cn rd ths u wl fnd s/wtg esy!

For longer words, Speedwriting uses letters to represent common beginnings and endings (prefixes and suffixes).  This gives the writer a disciplined approach to abbreviating words thereby building confidence and speed.


How can I reduce the amount of notes I write?

Resist the temptation to write everything

Try to use key words rather than complete sentences during the meeting.

Keep related information together.  There are different note taking techniques that can be adopted to help add structure when taking notes thereby making it easier to find details when writing back.

How can I ensure I don't miss anything when taking Minutes?

Improve Your listening skills

Keeping up with the meeting relies on you being able to quickly identify the relevance of what is being said to the topic under discussion.

This can be achieved by improving your listening skills or increasing the speed at which you write notes so you are not lagging behind the discussions.

What should I note in my Minutes?

Minutes are a short record of what has been discussed at your meeting

A full transcript of the discussion is rarely required.

The priority is to record what is being discussed (the subject), the member's viewpoint, decisions that are reached and actions that arise.

Excel: Create a new line within the same cell

To enter paragraphs of text within the same cell in Excel use the key combination of ALT+Enter at the end of each line.

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